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BCI - Better Cotton Initiative


At I Say, we strive to produce our clothes with more sustainable alternatives. That is why we are proud members of BCI - Better Cotton Initiative.

At present, 67% of our cotton consumption consists of more sustainable cotton. Our goal for 2025 is that our purchases of cotton should consist of 80% more sustainable cotton. Our sustainable cotton includes Better Cotton and Organic Cotton.

BCI is:

- Better for the people involved

- Better for the environment

- Better for the future

BCI is a non-profit organization that trains cotton farmers in how to use water more efficiently, cares about nature, reduces the use of harmful chemicals and at the same time respects workers' rights and well-being.

BCI cotton is purchased through a system of "mass balance".

Being a member of BCI is one of many steps in our sustainable strategy. We are proud to be part of a movement that is changing the cotton industry.

Read more about BCI here:



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