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Chinos: The perfect trousers for all seasons and occasions

December 22, 2023

Are you looking for a reliable pair of trousers for your wardrobe? Ones you can wear all year round, regardless of the season? Yes, those that save you from every wardrobe crisis? Then we have the answer - chinos.

Isay Chino Pant

We believe that a pair of chino pants is a necessity in every woman's wardrobe, and the reason is simple. We have spent years refining the chino pants to fit perfectly for all women. Our chinos have undergone a meticulous process and have not been randomly put together. Everything from the right feel of the fabric to finding the precise recipe for a good fit has been a focus, making the attention to detail on our chinos top-notch.

Therefore, it is particularly heartwarming when women from around the world send us positive feedback. Our chino pants evoke enthusiasm in them, and we share that joy.

What sets chinos apart from jeans?

If you compare chinos to jeans, you'll quickly notice that chino pants are the more elegant choice. Our chinos are designed with inspiration from dress pants, and the result is trousers that exude elegance without compromising comfort. With chinos, you get the whole package – a stylish appearance combined with the comfortable feeling you know from casual pants. We design our trousers with a focus on the female body in all its forms, ensuring that every woman can benefit from pants where concerns about a poor fit are a thing of the past.

Don't settle. Chino pants are not just trousers you can wear to the office or for a fancy event – they are created to be used in everyday life. Therefore, they are both stretchable and durable, adapting to your lifestyle. And if you feel like it, you can even use the trousers as loungewear at home because they are that comfortable. We can guarantee that with the correct size, you won't experience tightness, folding, or any misfit in any way.

Everything you need to know about the classic design

The classic design of the chino pants makes them a very elegant choice. However, the secret lies in the stretchable and durable material of soft cotton, providing a comfort beyond the ordinary. With a smooth surface, you avoid annoying lint, and the medium-rise fit is carefully balanced to be neither too high nor too low – a welcome piece of news for many women.

Our chino pants are available in two lengths, allowing you to choose exactly what suits you. The cropped version has an ankle length of 70 cm in the inseam, while the Long version extends to 76.5 cm. This way, we offer chino pants that fit both taller and shorter women, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to own a pair of classic chinos in their wardrobe.

You can expect these details on your chino pants:

High stretchability

Medium rise

Smooth surface

Classic design

Available in 2 different lengths: Cropped and Long

Fixed waistband with belt loops

Piped back pockets

Buy chino pants with stretch online

Whether you're looking for a pair of classic trousers or a specific trendy color, we offer a wide selection of chino pants. Our range includes many fantastic colors that are regularly updated with the seasons. Most colors are always available, but we occasionally update our color catalog by adding a new, fresh shade to our bestselling chinos. You can always find a selection of chino pants on our webshop right here.