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Tanna Printed Blouse - Camel w/Black Brush

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Are you unsure about which size to choose? We understand. There are various sizes depending on the clothing you are considering. Our goal is to help you find the perfect size so you can feel comfortable and stylish in our clothing. To ensure that you choose the right size from the beginning, we have prepared a comprehensive size guide based on our clothing collection, so you can make the best possible decision.

How to find your size:

To find the most accurate size for you, we recommend taking body measurements. In our size guide, we provide measurements for various relevant areas of the body, which we encourage you to measure. This may include chest circumference, waist circumference, and hip circumference. Additionally, we always include inseam lengths for our pants, so you can measure from the crotch to the ankle to define your inseam length. This allows you to easily determine which pants models are too long or fit perfectly for you.

Not all clothing pieces are the same:

Not two clothing pieces are exactly alike. The material and style can have a significant impact on the fit. Therefore, our size guide is indicative. If you are unsure before placing your order, you are always welcome to contact us via phone, chat, or email. We are ready to guide you and ensure that you feel confident in your decision.


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Size A. Chest in cm C. Hip in cm
XS 84-87 96-99
S 88-91 100-103
M 92-95 104-107
L 96-100 108-112
XL 101-105 113-118
2XL 106-111 119-124
Size A. Chest in cm Hip in cm
32 80-93 92-95
34 84-87 96-99
36 88-91 100-103
38 92-95 104-107
40 96-99 108-111
42 100-104 112-116
44 105-110 117-121
46 111-116 122-126

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Size B. Waist in cm C. Hip in cm
XS 69-72 96-99
S 73-76 100-103
M 77-80 104-107
L 81-86 108-112
XL 87-92 113-118
2XL 93-98 119-124
Size B. Waist in cm C. Hip in cm
32 65-68 92-95
34 69-72 96-99
36 73-76 100-103
38 77-80 104-107
40 81-84 108-111
42 85-89 112-116
44 90-94 117-121
46 95-101 122-126

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Size A. Chest in cm B. Waist in cm C. Hip in cm
XS 84-87 69-72 96-99
S 88-91 73-76 100-103
M 92-95 77-80 104-107
L 96-100 81-86 108-112
XL 101-105 87-92 113-118
2XL 106-111 93-98 119-124
Size A. Chest in cm B. Waist in cm C. Hip in cm
32 80-93 65-68 92-95
34 84-87 69-72 96-99
36 88-91 73-76 100-103
38 92-95 77-80 104-107
40 96-99 81-84 108-111
42 100-104 85-89 112-116
44 105-110 90-94 117-121
46 111-116 95-101 122-126

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• Elastic ruffle trim at neck and sleeve opening
• Wide fit
• Loose fit
• 80% LENZING™ and ECOVERO™ viscose, 20% polyamide

Product information:
Light, airy, and simply delightful. That's all you can expect from our newest addition - Tanna Printed Blouse. This blouse has a lovely wide fit that falls flatteringly around the hips and wrists thanks to the elastic that creates the fine ruffled details. Tanna Printed Blouse is made of a lightweight and airy viscose blend, giving you a comfortable feel and good breathability, making it the perfect blouse for any occasion. The beautiful print and delicate details help to increase lightness and elegance, ensuring you always have a safe winner to pull out of the closet. Style it with a pair of your favorite denim jeans or classic chino trousers for a cool and relaxed look that suits any occasion.

This contains LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose, a viscose fiber brand that promotes responsible production for a more sustainable environment. Certified with the EU Ecolabel, this material has a significantly lower environmental impact throughout its life cycle. The raw material is wood, which is converted into textile fibers with 50% less water consumption and CO2 emissions compared to generic viscose production. Finally, the water is cleaned before being returned to nature.

100% LENZING™ and ECOVERO™ are trademarks of Lenzing AG

Size recommendation:
Fit: Wide
Length: Size M = 62 cm
Sleeve length: Size M = 62 cm

Quality: LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose 80%/ Polyamid 20%

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